Collaboration for innovative port crane inspections

SkyeBase and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam deepen collaboration for innovative port crane inspections Antwerp, 27/02/2024 – SkyeBase, specializing in drone and robot inspections, and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam, a depot and terminal company with multiple locations in the ports of Rotterdam, have further strengthened their longstanding collaboration. For several years, both companies have been closely working together […]

Thermo-graphic inspections

The Challenge Many industrial installations and infrastructure require an increased inspection regime due to end-of-life concerns or life extension. Traditionally, this is done with physical inspectors who inspect these assets via rope techniques, scaffolding, cherry pickers, or on foot. Moreover, humans are “limited” and never have the same coherence. Many items to be inspected are […]

3D Modeling in Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Applications using Photogrammetry and Lidar Ship-to-Shore cranes are essential in container terminals for loading and unloading ships. The breakdown of a crane creates problems in the logistics chain, resulting in operational losses and fines. It is crucial to ensure that cranes are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safety and efficiency. In this blog, we […]

3D Models

3D Visualization and Annotation of Defects Challenges Identifying damages on large industrial and public assets such as piperacks, flare installations, silos, tanks, buildings, and bridges is a complex task. Traditional inspection methods, where reports are based on individual defect images, are time-consuming and not always effective for drawing easy conclusions for maintenance and repairs. The […]

Semi-Automatic Drone Flights for Faster and Better Asset Inspections

In the rapidly changing world of asset management, companies face a continuous challenge: how can they inspect their assets in a cost-effective, qualitative, and efficient manner? Whether it’s inspecting industrial installations or infrastructure, one innovative solution stands out: semi-automatic drone flights. The Challenge Traditional inspection methods for asset management often require significant human involvement and […]

Total piping solution

The Challenge Inspecting industrial pipelines is a complex task that often takes a lot of time. The difficulty lies in the frequently elevated locations and hard-to-reach places where these pipelines are located. Pipes are often placed very close to each other. Moreover, traditional inspection methods bring additional challenges, such as the use of scaffolding, which […]

Digitizing Port Crane Inspections

PEINEMANN PORT SERVICES AND SKYEBASE DIGITIZE PORT CRANE INSPECTIONS Antwerp, Sept. 26, 2023 – SkyeBase, a leading drone, robotic inspection and platform technology company is proud to announce that Peinemann Port Services, a leading player in the port industry, has chosen to be part of I-SPECT’s Early Adopter Program. This is to further develop and […]

Underwater Inspections

Challenge Numerous assets are located underwater, such as dam planks, quay walls, piers, firewater tanks, wastewater basins, piping, retention basins, and much more. Inspecting these assets is either not done or is carried out by divers. Not inspecting them poses risks because developments cannot be documented. Inspections can be dangerous in some cases due to […]

UT wall thickness measurements with a stick

Storage tanks play a crucial role in various industries, ranging from the process industry to tank terminals. They store liquids that can be of invaluable value and are essential for smooth operations. However, to ensure that these tanks continue to operate safely and effectively, we must pay attention to something that is often overlooked: wall […]

Using high resolution cameras for Flare Stack Inspection

Getting the smallest details from a safe distance. Faster, safer and more efficient inspections. The flare is a vital part of the safety system in an oil and gas production facility. Hence it is of utmost importance that flares are working faultlessly. To ensure optimal working conditions, flares are regularly  assessed and inspected for defect […]