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AI Vision engineer

Meet the team

In 2020, 4 passionate entrepreneurs – each broadly experience in their specific field – joined forces.  Together they hold 1 straightforward objective: increase safety and efficiency in the industry. Teamwork and partnership are the central pillars in this success story.

A total concept

You might see many small independent drone pilots coming your way, but they are often unable to offer the desired quality level. By carefully training and guiding the Skye pilots in accordance with industrial standards, we can offer our clientele exactly what they need. 

In addition to inspection, SkyeBase has a separate branch that focuses on innovation. By sharing practical experiences with research partners, new products are developed to help the industry in their desire and need for innovation. Within SkyeBase we have our own staff that engages in software and hardware innovations.

Since we are specialised in both innovation and inspection, we are able to work out custom drone inspections along with our customer.