For drone inspection, SkyeBase combines several robotic devices (flying, sailing, diving, driving, fixed and hand-held cameras). A team of industrially trained drone pilots and operators perform these drone inspections. The drone inspection data is captured in a structured way, via a fixed pattern to be used for trend analysis on subsequent inspections.


processing & reporting

A team of experienced engineers takes care of the processing and analysis of the inspection data. To make data processing more efficient and faster, we work with smart defect algorithms for automatic damage recognition and digital platforms. Digitalization is part of the implementation of industry 4.0.

By deploying our digital platform I-Spect, supported by artificial intelligence, data management becomes intuitive and interactive.

The asset inspection platform ‘I-Spect’ does more than centralize inspection data. It is a smart workspace where teams are empowered to make better maintenance decisions. It helps to securely store and organize all inspection data, collaborate with inspection service providers, analyze defect trends over time and visualize and locate them in 3D visualizations. Working with the asset inspection platform I-Spect saves time in managing and analyzing inspection insights and supports in making better maintenance decisions. The asset inspection platform ‘I-spect’ has generic and asset-specific inspection modules.

Inspection and maintenance become more efficient when you can accurately locate defects in your infrastructure. To do so, the asset inspection platform ‘I-Spect’ uses point clouds generated from drone images and converts them into 3D models to locate defects more accurately on these digital twins. Furthermore, you can perform 3D annotations and measurements and share these 3D insights with colleagues via a simple web browser.

The AI defect detection models integrated into the inspection platform ‘I-Spect’ provide automatic suggestions of defects that have been detected by drone surveying. Afterwards, their extent and evolution in comparison to the last industrial drone inspection are visualized. This allows you to save time by faster detection of defects and their effects. You are assisted in taking more data-driven conclusions as well as in determining your final maintenance actions.


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Incidents require a quick response and, in some situations, damage or a situation needs to be assessed in a short period of time. Thanks to our extensive team of pilots and operators, quick intervention is possible. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Drone pilot

secondment & Flight Support

Data captation with aerial inspection drones is specialized work and drone legislation is subject to many changes.
In the event of a specific need for a permanent pilot or team of pilots, SkyeBase can offer support.
All drone pilots trained by SkyeBase have drone pilot training (EU-UAS Pilot Professional) - practical and theory (legal exam), knowledge about weather and flight preparation, VCA VOL (person), practical training of industrial assets: visual/thermal (internal and external) and annual refresher training.
In case you have a drone pilot or drone team yourself, SkyeBase can be engaged for flight support. We can support you with legal aerial drone flight applications and task-risk analyses.

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