In 2020, 4 passionate entrepreneurs joined forces. All are highly experienced in their field, uniting on one simple goal: to achieve safer, better, and faster inspections in the industry. Cooperation and complementarity are the keywords in this success story.

Total solution

SkyeBase supports asset owners and maintenance managers in industry, container terminals, and infrastructure by combining Drones and AI. 

Data captation is accomplished through drone inspections and high-tech imaging and measurement equipment. Data is processed through i-Spect, the asset management platform of SkyeBase, which is supported by artificial intelligence for faster and more accurate image processing.

This is done to obtain crystal-clear insights into the condition of assets and to take (preventive) maintenance decisions.


Industrial assets will become safer, more ecological, data-driven, and more efficient through the deployment of high-tech drone inspections, data technology, and digital transformation.

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SkyeBase relieves every customer by guaranteeing maximum asset uptime (1) with the use of innovative drone & data capture technology (2) for industrial inspections and the use of artificial intelligence (3) to generate useful maintenance insights (4).


maximum asset uptime

All Skyebase services are aimed at guaranteeing asset uptime for maximum deployability and return on investment.

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drone & data capture technology

Skyebase's applications are robotic (land, air, water, fixed) ensuring safer, ecological, data-driven and more efficient inspections.

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artificial intelligence

Skyebase processes data with artificial intelligence, resulting in better maintenance insights and defect evolutions.

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maintenance insights

Skyebase provides actionable maintenance insights for preventive maintenance, reduction of downtime and the ecological working of assets.

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Our Values

Each member of our team proudly represents our brand and the 5 values that make up our DNA.


we always work with the latest technologies

Operational excellence

expertise, quality, and professionalism


respecting yourself, your team, and the environment


our employees, our partners, our suppliers, and our customers are part of our “eco-system” and determine our success


risk-taking, early adapter, visionary, disruptive, changing the status quo

Quality & Safety

Quality and safety are a top priority. SkyeBase meets the highest industry standards and is VCA Petrochemical and ISO9001:2015 company certified. All of our executed projects comply with these standards.

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