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By using drone inspections and data technologies, inspections become safer, better, and faster.

SkyeBase combines inspections with drones, data technology, and digital transformation which automates inspection processes and leads to more consistency. As a result, defects of separate inspections over time can be compared with each other, leading to trends within asset status and better maintenance insights… This is supported by deploying our digital platform I-Spect, backed by artificial intelligence for faster processing of inspection images.




With our drones and asset inspection platforms, inspections are safer, more efficient and faster.

Key benefits

– significant cost savings up to 4x cheaper
– less asset downtime due to 5x faster inspections
– consistent data captation for trend analysis over time
– data processing is digital for knowledge preservation
– no accidents related to working at height

What sets


apart from


drone inspection companies

Over the past years, SkyeBase has evolved into a full-fledged drone inspection services partner which offers a total solution to its clients.

The combination of drone inspections with the development and application of asset inspection platforms supported by artificial intelligence unburdens the customer. A high-quality team of engineers with backgrounds in industrial and construction industries, data, AI, and drone inspection specialists ensures quality project preparation, execution, and reporting.

All of our drone pilots are trained in-house, receive annual revision training, and hold an industrial drone inspection pilot license. Only SkyeBase qualified and trained pilots are used for industrial inspections. During training, in addition to flight hours and agility, we also train on asset knowledge, operating in industrial environments and high-risk situations.

Quality and safety are a top priority. SkyeBase meets the highest industry standards and is VCA Petrochemical and ISO9001:2015 company certified. All of our executed projects comply with these standards.

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