Antwerp, 05/03/2024 – SkyeBase, a leading company in drone, robot inspection, and inspection platform technology (I-Spect), and Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), the global player in container terminal services with a strong Rotterdam identity, proudly announce a strategic partnership. This alliance promises not only the optimization of RWG’s services but also a revolution in the inspection of their critical infrastructure, especially the container cranes.

Benefits of the partnership

The collaboration between both parties offers numerous benefits. By partnering with RWG, an end user of port cranes, the processes and functions of I-Spect can be tailored to their wishes and needs. The platform is enriched with inspection methods, asset templates & structures, and inspection rounds that are currently largely manual and reported in PDF documents. By digitizing these processes, the efficiency of these inspections, as well as defect evolution, is significantly better understood. The ultimate goal is to reduce maintenance costs and increase crane availability and safety.


Johan Timmer – Head of Engineering at RWG: “The collaboration with SkyeBase not only strengthens our focus on innovation and sustainability but also enables us to take our operations to a higher level. By deploying an intelligent inspection platform for inspections, we can improve safety and increase the efficiency of our operations.”


This partnership promises to be a groundbreaking development in the world of container handling and inspection technology. With the use of platform and data technology (AI), the performance of the container terminal is further enhanced, shaping the future in the Port of Rotterdam.


Jean-Louis Weemaes – Chief Business Officer SkyeBase: “By collaborating with RWG, many interesting inspection needs from practice are translated into I-Spect. This allows us to develop a tool that seamlessly aligns with RWG’s requirements and is also practically applicable in the market.”

I-SPECT: "AI-generated digital inspection reports".

I-SPECT is an innovative inspection platform that enables optimization of inspections. By centralizing inspection data based on a predefined asset structure and then automating the processing of inspection data using AI algorithms, inspection and reporting time is significantly reduced. Subsequently, the inspection data can be displayed on 2D/3D models to simplify inspection insights such as maintenance and repair decisions, not only for drone inspection data but eventually for all types of inspection data.


Tom Daniels – Chief Executive Officer SkyeBase: “With I-SPECT, we harness AI to be groundbreaking in port crane inspections. By centralizing data and applying AI, we accelerate inspections and provide deep insights for smart maintenance decisions regardless of the source.”


About SkyeBase

SkyeBase is a total solution provider that uses drones, robots, platform technology, and artificial intelligence for industrial inspections. The ultimate goal is to make these inspections safer, faster, better, and more cost-effective. With I-Spect, the Antwerp scale-up developed a software platform where customers can centralize, analyze, and visualize the inspection of their assets. With I-Spect, the team provides insights and reports for preventive maintenance of industrial installations for both asset owners and inspection companies. (

About Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG)

As a leading container terminal in the Port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, RWG plays a crucial role in the global logistics landscape. Our commitment to safety, reliability, sustainability, and efficiency is at the core of our operations. With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and contribute to a smooth global trade chain. (

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