i-spect asset
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I-Spect Asset Inspection Platform, does more than centralize all your inspection data – It is a smart workspace where teams can make better data-driven maintenance decisions.

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With the I-Spect Asset Inspection Platform, you will inventory all your inspection data and know-how for easy follow-up, real-time reporting, and clear communication.

  • Securely store and organize inspection data and know-how
  • Collaborate with inspection services through I-Spect
  • Save time uploading and reviewing inspection data

With the I-Spect asset inspection platform, defects are automatically analyzed and measured, and defect evolutions are tracked over time to provide better maintenance insights.

  • Prioritize defects based on risk analysis and act quickly.
  • Measure and track defect evolutions over time
  • Detect defects faster with AI defect detection

With the I-Spect asset inspection platform, we visualize defects and risk ratings in a 2D and 3D environment with a convenient web browser. You can add new annotations and measurements and share these 3D insights with your team.

  • Increase inspection and maintenance efficiency with better defect localization
  • Share 2D/3D insights with your team 
  • Generate CAD drawings from 3D models

Integrate the I-Spect asset inspection platform with your asset management platforms using APIs.

APIs serve as asset management – Inspection regimes

I-Spect asset inspection platform Asset modules

Different assets require asset-specific templates and custom tools. Enable the asset modules that are relevant to you.

  • Port cranes
  • Bridges
  • Tanks

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