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In the container terminal sector, the asset condition of port cranes is essential for ensuring safety and continuity. Given the high number of TEUs per crane, the available time for inspections of cranes is limited. Moreover, as the crane is an essential part of the logistics chain, ensuring correct functioning is a constant concern. Digitalization of inspections and preventive maintenance are effective in this context.

For terminals without entry and exit detection, inventorying containers is taking a long time.

SkyeBase is a reliable aerial inspection partner for many companies in this industry.

What assets can you inspect with drones & digital platforms

  • STS port cranes
  • Containers
  • Mobile port cranes

How we proceed

Port cranes should be inspected regularly for defects. SkyeBase captures data with drones via visual cameras to map defects. Data is captured consistently to identify defect evolutions in subsequent years.

Visual cameras and fixed flight paths are also being used for container inventory.

Depending on the asset and the client, data analysis reports can be offered via a generic digital platform (I-Spect) or an asset-specific platform. Reporting via pdf is also one of the options. For port cranes, SkyeBase is developing an asset inspection platform supported by artificial intelligence in collaboration with SGS.  This platform offers a total solution for monitoring and processing the condition of port cranes.

For container inventory, smart algorithms are used to make processing more efficient.

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