The new payload for wall thickness measurements

The Challenge

In the process industry and tank terminals, wall thickness measurements need to be regularly conducted for statutory inspections or inspections. To perform these thickness measurements (TMLs, Thickness Measurement Locations) or corrosion investigations, these locations need to be accessed quickly but safely to avoid jeopardizing the continuity of the (production) process.

The challenge is greatest for TMLs that are difficult to reach or may pose a danger to inspectors. This includes TMLs at height or in (confined) spaces where there may be hazardous vapors/gases present.

Furthermore, there is a growing demand to make the TMLs visible for the sake of a qualitative (inspection) report.

The Solution

Thanks to the UT-Payload mounted on our indoor drone (Elios 3), it transforms into a flying UT meter (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement). This can perform precise thickness measurements and corrosion investigations in the most challenging and darkest areas, supported by high-resolution images.

Equipped with the Elios 3 UT-Payload, besides wall thickness measurements (A-scan), cleanings can also be performed, further reducing the chance of downtime.

Now we can conduct reliable, safe, and effective UT measurements and corrosion investigations in places that were previously inaccessible, as well as in places that pose a danger to inspectors (catwalks, aerial lifts, etc.). Moreover, no confined space attendant is needed anymore.

The Technology

The ultrasonic probe/UT-Payload is mounted on a “Smart Probe Arm,” which provides visual guidance with a laser pointer to accurately target measurement points. This flexible arm has various mounting options, making it usable in various industrial environments.

A remotely operated dispenser can apply gel to the material under test. This ensures optimal transmission of ultrasonic sound. For easy localization, each measurement can be tagged with a location tag on a 3D model of the asset. If necessary, the Elios 3 with a cleaning module can prepare the surface for measurements.

The Benefits

  • Faster and safer inspection method for difficult-to-access and/or hazardous inspection locations

  • Reduction of downtime

  • Meets the highest standards of accuracy, quality, and reliability in thickness measurements (in accordance with ISO 16809)

  • Consistency in data capture

  • Savings on costs for scaffolding, rope techniques, or aerial lifts

  • No confined space attendant required

  • A-scan at the time of measurement

Collaboration between SGS and SkyeBase

SGS Belgium and SkyeBase are jointly introducing a unique technology to the market; namely, measuring wall thickness with drones. By combining data collection through advanced technologies such as cameras and drones with powerful data analysis through artificial intelligence, both companies aim to optimize industrial inspection processes. This partnership focuses on providing efficient, safe, and sustainable inspection methods, enabling industrial companies to benefit from improved operational performance and cost savings.

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