SkyeBase and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam deepen collaboration for innovative port crane inspections

Antwerp, 27/02/2024 – SkyeBase, specializing in drone and robot inspections, and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam, a depot and terminal company with multiple locations in the ports of Rotterdam, have further strengthened their longstanding collaboration. For several years, both companies have been closely working together to optimize the inspection processes of port cranes.

The collaboration in drones and platform development

The strategic partnership between SkyeBase and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam, which began with drone inspections for port cranes, has evolved into a joint initiative in the form of the asset inspection platform I-Spect. This synergy enables both companies to operate more efficiently in the ever-changing logistics services.

The goal of the collaboration

The combined efforts of SkyeBase and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam focus on promoting innovations in the domain of port crane inspections. By integrating advanced drone technologies and a shared asset inspection platform, both companies aim to streamline inspection processes and increase the operational reliability of port cranes.


Stefan Maarse, Technical Supervisor at QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam: “The close
collaboration with SkyeBase has allowed us to make rapid progress in optimizing
our inspection processes. This not only saves time but also ensures higher uptime of our
port cranes by providing better insights into their operational status and the actions to be taken.
This enables us to utilize the cranes more, resulting in additional handling.”

I-SPECT: "AI-generated digital inspection reports."

I-Spect is an innovative inspection platform that enables optimization of inspections using AI and defect comparison models. As part of the Early Adopter Program of I-Spect, introduced last year, SkyeBase and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam have intensified their efforts. I-Spect is a crucial element in further advancing advanced inspection technologies, allowing companies to quickly integrate the latest innovations into their joint initiatives.


Tom Daniels, CTO of SkyeBase: “By jointly investing
in innovative technologies,we aim to raise the
standards for port crane inspections and take the
industryto new heights.”

Drone inspections and benefits for port cranes

The use of drones for port crane inspections offers significant benefits, including faster and more consistent inspections, reduced downtime, and increased safety. By embracing these advanced technologies, SkyeBase and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam can improve the overall operational efficiency of port cranes, better meeting the demands of the logistics sector.

The activities of SkyeBase and QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam

The joint efforts reflect a commitment to continuous innovation and delivering high-quality solutions in the logistics sector. This collaboration continues to set the standard for inspection technologies in the industry, and both companies look forward to further successful collaborations.

Jean-Louis Weemaes, CEO of SkyeBase: “This collaboration marks a crucial step in the evolution of inspection
technologies in the logistics sector, leveraging the power of drones and advanced AI platforms. This allows us to not
only improve the reliability of port crane inspections but also increase uptime and reduce unplanned downtime,
avoiding operational losses and penalties.”

About SkyeBase

SkyeBase is a total solution provider that uses drones, robots, platform technology, and artificial intelligence for industrial inspections. The ultimate goal is to make these inspections safer, faster, better, and more cost-effective. With I-Spect, the Antwerp-based scale-up developed a software platform that allows customers to centralize, analyze, and visualize the inspection of their assets. With I-Spect, the team provides insights and reports for preventive maintenance of industrial installations for both asset owners and inspection companies. (


About QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, Europe’s leading container port, QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam offers the best possible service to both large and small customers in almost all aspects of container logistics. Kramer City in the Waal-/Eemhaven and Kramer Delta Depot on the Maasvlakte are unrivaled in container storage, repair, and additional maintenance services. Transshipment at QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam is concentrated on the Maasvlakte. Delta Container Services, a joint venture with ECT, focuses on the transshipment of empty and full containers. With Rotterdam Container Terminal, QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam has had a state-of-the-art feeder, short sea, and inland terminal since 2007.

Originally, QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam is a Rotterdam family business. In 1963, the company originally started as a repair company. Meanwhile, the company has grown into a depot and terminal company with multiple locations in the ports of Rotterdam. As of September 18, 2023, QTerminals Group acquired a majority interest, and the highly experienced team of Kramer Group serves its customers as ‘QTerminals Kramer Rotterdam,’ under the umbrella of the QTerminals Group. (


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