Total tank solution

THE CHALLENGE Inspecting storage tanks, whether based on regulations or risk assessment, is a complex process that requires various types of inspections. These include internal and external visual inspections, geometric surveys, and calibration according to applicable standards and legal certifications (EEMUA-159, API-653, Vlarem, PGS 29/31). The variety of inspections needs to seamlessly integrate with each […]

For the inspection of storage tanks SkyeBase works with the asset care platform of Falcker.

Situation: Storage tank terminals and refineries are expecting a strong increase of inspection and maintenance efforts for the coming decades. Many asset integrity assessors and operators are going to retire. Solution: The Falcker asset care platform helps to monitor tank deficiencies and degradation and optimize maintenance planning Why: the platform provides quantitative insight to: Increase […]

Data and its importance

ai data

  A lot of math for AI and machine learning was invented in the 90s, but it took almost two more decades for AI/ML to become relevant. Can you think of a few reasons why that’s the case? Data and processing power were the primary factors that forestalled the AI’s development. As you may have […]

Elios 3

Elios tank

Situation Indoor inspections are common in (industrial) asset management. Think of the inspection of all kinds of confined spaces such as tanks, silos, blast furnaces, flue gas ducts, (transport) pipes, sewers, chimneys, reactors, distillation columns, ….) Often these assets are inspected by placing scaffolding, using rope techniques, aerial work platforms, placing man guards and human […]

Front end developer

full stack developer

  Who is SkyeBase SkyeBase wants to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable industry. We do this by revolutionizing how drones and sensors are used for industrial inspections and by delivering the right insights to our customers. Our goal is to create a more sustainable future where industrial installations are more in uptime, safer, […]

Wall thickness measurements by drone

  In industry, measuring wall thickness is important and in some cases mandatory by law. In many places, however, this is not easy to carry out because of height/safety. Fortunately, drone technology does not stand still! With our latest drone from Voliro, wall and coating thickness measurements can be carried out at any height. 360° […]

Crowdlending is hot

Crowdlending skyebase

  In a documentary by De Markt – VRT, they went deeper into what crowdlending is and why it’s becoming more and more successful with investors. They visited SkyeBase to hear our story and how we used crowdlending to grow. More info in this article:    

SGS and SkyeBase provide/develop an innovative solution for industrial drone inspections

SGS and SkyeBase provide/develop an innovative solution for industrial drone inspections

  SGS Belgium and Skyebase have signed a cooperative agreement for the development of an Intelligent Asset Inspection Platform for Ship-To-Shore (STS) harbour cranes and the performance of industrial drone inspections. Combining data collection via high-tech cameras and drones with data analysis and artificial intelligence puts companies on the road to an efficient, safe and […]

Port crane inspection with Drones & AI

port crane inspections

In cooperation with SGS we have recently started using drones with high-tech cameras and AI as a supplement to statutory inspections of port cranes at DP World. In the video we explain how such an inspection is carried out and what the benefits are.

Interview – new drone legislation – “there is no place for cowboys anymore”


  Since 1 January 2021, the new European drone legislation is in force. Due to the drastic changes concerning the requests for flight permissions and the preparation of operational risk analyses, it has not always become easier for drone service companies (operators) and consequently the impact on the drone community is large. But as with […]