For the inspection of storage tanks SkyeBase works with the asset care platform of Falcker.

January 18, 2023
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Storage tank terminals and refineries are expecting a strong increase of inspection and maintenance efforts for the coming decades. Many asset integrity assessors and operators are going to retire.


The Falcker asset care platform helps to monitor tank deficiencies and degradation and optimize maintenance planning

Why: the platform provides quantitative insight to:

  • Increase asset availability
  • Improve people and environment safety
  • Improve inspection and maintenance processes
  • Reduce inspection costs and increase the efficiency of inspectors
  • Enable compliant asset management

How: the way we work:

  • We digitize the assets and create the so-called “digital twins” in the Falcker Digital Asset Care Platform.
  • We use sensors and robotics to obtain inspection data. This ensures more frequent and consistent inspections to facilitate optimal planning.
  • The generated data is “mapped” with the digitized asset components, which makes it possible to predict maintenance needs.

What: products & services

  • Falcker Digital Asset Care Platform software subscriptions (assets, users, data usage)
  • Software and hardware implementation for automated data collection
  • Asset integrity monitoring: 
    • Visual inspections
    • Second containment volume
    • Degradation measurements
    • (Gas)emission measurements 
    • Geometrical analysis

Benefits for our customers:

  • More efficient and predictable inspection (management) and maintenance processes
  • Safer asset inspection (less Atex zone 1 hour – working at height)
  • Improved data quality, integrity and compliance
  • Increased asset availability: better scoping, reduce downtime, less unexpected
  • Potential overall cost reduction of 30%

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