infra &
transport piping

In the Infra & Transport piping sector, many assets were built in the 1960s through the 1980s. This results in many of these assets being outdated nowadays and have a higher risk of failure. Regular monitoring of these assets is important for continuity. Digitalization of inspections and predictive maintenance are therefore an effective solution.

SkyeBase is a reliable drone surveying partner for many companies in this industry.

What assets can you inspect with drones & digital platforms


How we proceed

Data capture for the infrastructure and transportation pipeline sector is primarily performed through visual and thermal drone inspections.

Depending on the asset and the client, data analysis reports can be offered via a generic digital platform (I-Spect) or an asset-specific platform. Reporting via pdf is also one of the options. For bridges, SkyeBase is developing a platform. This platform offers a total solution for monitoring and processing the condition of bridge infrastructure.

  • Water pipeline drone inspection (case de watergroep)

  • Heat network (case Isvag)
  • Bridge (case Infrabel)
  • Culvert (case agentschap wegen en verkeer)
  • Mining gallery (vivaqua)
  • Methane measurement Fluxys

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