Ineos Phenol – Visual and thermal piping inspection

Our achievement:

For Ineos Phenol, we conducted an extensive drone inspection on a 1200-meter-long piperack and a storage tank. The piperack, a complex structure with multiple layers, constituted the core of our project. The primary objective was a thorough assessment of visual and thermal integrity, with a keen focus on accurately identifying potential damages or issues.

Our commitment went beyond that. We also performed an in-depth visual inspection, including wall thickness measurement, on the storage tank. This ambitious endeavor was made possible by deploying cutting-edge drone and sensor technologies that approach industrial inspection processes from an entirely new perspective.

Empowered by these advanced technologies, we carried out detailed visual and thermal inspections on the piperack, with the data subsequently processed into an extremely detailed 3D model. This model clearly highlights damages and critical points, while simultaneously generating a point cloud to pinpoint the locations even more accurately. The outcome is that the team is now capable of taking targeted actions and optimizing maintenance strategies.

This project demonstrates our dedication to innovative technologies and operational enhancements, as well as our collaboration with Ineos Phenol to uphold their installations in a safe and efficient manner.

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Keywords: drone inspection, pipeline inspections, tank wall thickness measurement