Cargill - Inspection of Concrete Silos

Our Accomplishment:

For this project, concrete silos with a height of 45 meters and a diameter of 12 meters were inspected. The goal of this inspection was to map visible cracks both internally and externally. Specifically, it was investigated whether internal damages correspond with damages on the exterior of the silo.

The inspection consisted of multiple drone flights during which images of the silo were collected. These images were then used to create a detailed point cloud and an orthophoto.

  • Point Cloud: This 3D model provides a detailed overview of the silo, with all visible cracks and other damages accurately annotated.
  • Orthophoto: A flat representation of the silo where the identified damages are clearly marked.


The final report, which includes all findings from the inspection, contains detailed annotations on the 3D model and the orthophotos. These visual aids provide the client with a clear and comprehensive overview of the current condition of the silo and the locations of all detected damages. This thorough inspection report helps the client in evaluating the condition of the silo and supports making necessary maintenance and repair decisions.

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