SECO - SPW - Inspection of Viaduct d'Onoz

what did we do:

On behalf of SPW and SECO, SkyeBase carried out a drone inspection of the Onoz viaduct. These 2 concrete bridges with a length of 300m and a height of 30m are crossing a valley, as well as a railroad line and a river. Thus, inspecting with aerial platforms or scaffolding is virtually impossible.

Using a drone and high resolution camera of 45Mp, all parts of the bridge were photographed at close range. This allowed all details to be visualized with an accuracy of 1mm per pixel. Cracks, corrosion and concrete rot all became visible. In processing, these photos were also processed into a 3D model and orthophotos. This gives the client a clear overview of the entire bridge component.

Control agency SECO then used these photos to detect and indicate damage.
This gives a great overview for planning and budgeting future repairs.

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