Franki construct
- Inspection of Three Fountain Bridge

Our realization:

Commissioned by Franki Construct, SkyeBase realized a structural drone inspection of Drie Fonteinen bridge in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. To assess the overall condition of the bridge, visual drone inspections were performed after installation.

For the bridge inspection they opted for drone surveying because it was more economical than providing a pontoon with an aerial platform on the canal. Based on these images, they were able to determine problem areas and take targeted actions and organize the appropriate equipment for this purpose.

The inspection was focused on assessing the condition of the concrete and steel. By using a drone with a high-resolution camera, details and defects are identified that might otherwise be overlooked. Because of this high resolution, fine details are captured and defects are identified. In addition, An overview photo of the entire bridge was delivered, on which the spotted defects were denoted.

The report with the results helps the client with a better assessment of preventive maintenance and in taking targeted action to prevent follow-up damage. This is a good example of how technology such as drones are used to inspect and maintain structures and infrastructure.

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