Vivaqua – Inspection of an old mine tunnel

Vivaqua – Inspection of an old mine tunnel

What did we do:

For Vivaqua, we did an inspection of an old mine tunnel. These mining galleries are more than 300 years old and were formerly used to extract Yperite and other minerals. After decades of vacancy, some parts are in an unknown state and are not safely accessible. Vivaqua uses these pipes for drinking water extraction.

With an indoor drone these tunnels have been mapped in a safe and quick way. 

A 3D simulation gave the client a clear overview of the mine tunnel, making it easy to annotate collapses and defects on this 3D model. Something that is often not accurate and/or clear on old 2D plans. Clear and sharp images give a clear picture of the state of the mine tunnel, which are delivered in a PDF report. Our indoor drone can fly through openings from 500mm in diameter.

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Keywords: drone inspection, mine, visual inspection, confined spaces, hazardous places