Kramer Group - Inspection
of a port crane

what did we do:

Ship-To-Shore (port)cranes take care of loading and unloading container ships on a daily basis. Due to the high occupation, these cranes are intensively used and inspection and follow-up of the crane condition is essential to guarantee a maximum uptime. For the Kramer Group in Rotterdam, SkyeBase inspected a Paceco crane on cracks, weldings, connections and corrosion. By doing so, inspectors and maintenance managers are supported with actionable data insights on difficult to reach and dangerous places. By organizing periodic inspections and increasing the efficiency of comparing anomaly images from previous inspections, preventive maintenance is scheduled more easily and downtime is prevented.

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Keywords: ship-to-shore crane inspection, structure assessment, cracks, weldings, corrosion, connections, asset health, drones, digital platform