Antwerp, Sept. 26, 2023 – SkyeBase, a leading drone, robotic inspection and platform technology company is proud to announce that Peinemann Port Services, a leading player in the port industry, has chosen to be part of I-SPECT’s Early Adopter Program. This is to further develop and refine I-SPECT, a market-leading AI platform for asset inspections, for port crane inspections.

I-SPECT: “AI generated digital inspection reports”
I-SPECT is an innovative inspection platform that enables centralization of inspections. The processing of inspection data is powered by advanced artificial intelligence and visualized using 2D and 3D visualizations. The platform aims to improve the efficiency of port crane inspections and provide smart tools to map defect evolutions. This allows for better preventive maintenance which is crucial for safety and operational performance in port environments. Not only for drone inspection data, but eventually for all types of inspection data.

Early Adopter Program
Within the Early Adopter Program (EAP), both SkyeBase and Peinemann Port Services will use their expertise and knowledge to finalize the port crane module of I-SPECT. This will result in a powerful tool for inspecting, analyzing and managing these assets.

“We are excited to partner with Peinemann Port Services on this exciting project,” said Tom Daniëls, CIO of SkyeBase. “I-SPECT has the potential to digitize port crane inspection processes and improve safety and efficiency at ports worldwide. After the launch of the port crane module, we will start developing the other container terminal asset modules.”

AI algorithms
I-SPECT uses advanced AI algorithms to automatically detect defects and defect evolutions. It then uses RTK GPS technology and 3D visualization technologies to precisely locate defects and provide the right insights to identify crane condition and potential problems early. This will enable operators to proactively develop maintenance plans and minimize operational downtime.

Wiekert Wirds of Peinemann Port Services, added: “Our partnership with SkyeBase will help us accelerate innovation in the port industry and better serve our customers through advanced inspection technologies.”

Commercialization of I-SPECT – Container Terminals is expected in January 2024, and the launch of the platform will be a major milestone for the container terminal industry.

About SkyeBase
SkyeBase is a total solution provider deploying drones, robots, platform technology and artificial intelligence for industrial inspections. This with the ultimate goal of making them safer, faster, better and more cost-efficient. With I-Spect, the Antwerp-based scale-up developed a software platform that allows customers to centralize, analyze and visualize the inspection of their assets. With I-Spect, the team provides insights and reports for preventive maintenance of industrial facilities for both asset owners and inspection companies. (

About Peinemann Port Services
Peinemann Port Services is a service provider for storage and handling companies in ports, with a focus on maintenance at container, bulk and breakbulk terminals.
The pressure on equipment is increasing and unmanned terminal solutions require specific attention. In short:
More and more knowledge is needed to stay operational 24/7. As a maintenance partner, we can take preventive and corrective maintenance off your hands on location. Through our experience and activities
at various terminals, we know what is going on. We offer a technical service package performed by our project managers, engineers and mechanics. (