The Challenge

Inspecting industrial pipelines is a complex task that often takes a lot of time. The difficulty lies in the frequently elevated locations and hard-to-reach places where these pipelines are located. Pipes are often placed very close to each other. Moreover, traditional inspection methods bring additional challenges, such as the use of scaffolding, which can be costly. Many chemical companies are looking for ways to minimize human intervention at hazardous heights and difficult-to-access locations, in line with their safety policies.

The Solution: Drones and Handheld Sticks

In the pursuit of improved safety and efficiency, SkyeBase offers an innovative solution. By using advanced handheld sticks and drones, the need to work physically in these complex installations is minimized. The collected image data, measurements, and wall thickness data are then systematically recorded and processed into usable inspection reports for maintenance and repair. This not only leads to a better understanding of maintenance needs and the return on investment of assets but also reduces environmental risks.


Combined Techniques for a Comprehensive Solution

– Visual and thermal inspection with a drone

– Visual inspection with a flexible handheld camera on a stick

– UT and EMAT wall thickness measurement

– 3D visualization and measurements


Findings are reported based on photos and wall thickness measurement data compared to the nominal value, with technical justification and technical advice provided. Thanks to the ability to work with 3D visualization, we gain insight into the exact location of defects and what to focus on for maintenance and repair, resulting in clear reporting. Furthermore, we enhance reporting efficiency by using AI technology. Our corrosion model is deployed to improve reporting. Live AI and a Data Transfer Portal are available to provide real-time insights and further streamline reporting. In the case of a legally required inspection report, we collaborate with a legally recognized inspection body and apply AI-supported reporting options as needed.

Additional Benefits:

– Increased Efficiency: By utilizing drones and handheld sticks, the inspection process is significantly expedited, resulting in a more efficient workflow, better visibility, and reduced downtime of installations.

– Accurate Data Collection: The combination of various sensors, including RGB, thermal, and lidar cameras, ensures precise and detailed data collection. This allows technicians to perform detailed defect annotations and localizations.

– Enhanced Maintenance Planning: The generated 3D visualizations offer valuable insights for targeted maintenance planning. This helps identify areas that require special attention and contributes to better allocation of maintenance resources.

– Collaboration with Inspection Bodies: SkyeBase collaborates with legally recognized inspection bodies to meet legal inspection requirements and certifications, as well as to develop inspection plans when necessary. This ensures reliable and compliant inspection reports.

– Optimal Data Storage: SkyeBase’s intelligent data platform collects data from drones, robots, and sensors in an organized manner, enabling useful data analysis and insights that increase the uptime of installations.