Monument Kerckhove - Visual inspection of a historic building (Ghent Harbor House)

Monument Vandekerckhove - Visual inspection of a historic building (Ghent Harbor House)

Our Achievement:

For the inspection of a historic building in the center of Ghent, Monument Vandekerckhove asked us to perform a drone inspection of the facades and roof of the Harbor House.

The choice of a drone inspection offers several advantages. Firstly, it enables inspections to be carried out in difficult-to-reach or complex locations, such as the car-free center of Ghent. Traditional methods, such as the use of cherry pickers or scaffolding, would be logistically complex and time-consuming in such conditions. With a drone, inspections can be conducted quickly and safely, without disrupting the environment and at significantly lower costs.

By deploying advanced drone technology, inspectors can view the Harbor House from various angles and capture detailed high-resolution images. This enables them to identify potential defects such as cracks, damages, or other structural issues. Early detection of such problems is crucial for taking timely preventive measures and preventing further damage.

The project includes not only the execution of the drone inspection but also the collection, analysis, and reporting of the obtained data. The ultimate goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the Harbor House, resulting in a detailed inspection report that can be used for any maintenance or restoration work. Thus, the project contributes to the preservation and protection of the historical heritage in the center of Ghent.

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