Infrabel - visual inspection of a vault bridge

Infrabel -
visual inspection of a vault bridge

what did we do:

For Infrabel an inspection was carried out on a vault bridge over the ring canal in Merelbeke. During this inspection, which was carried out without impact on train traffic, the underside of the bridge was inspected on cracks, exposed rebar, corrosion, concrete discoloration, connections and overall condition. Also the possibilities were mapped for parts which could be inspected more efficient compared to alpinists and snooper trucks by using a smaller type of drone. 

The reporting was carried out by mapping the most remarkable defects with their exact location. An accurate 3D model was made on which the defect data is annotated. 

This method is highly recommended for asset owners and maintenance managers for identifying and monitoring defects and the integrity of bridges for maintenance planning and execution. Defect evolution is also more convenient to follow up.