Herbosch-Kiere - De Vlaamse Waterweg
- Inspection of three bridges

what did we do:

To map the overall condition of several bridges*, visual drone inspections were conducted. By the use of drones, de Brielenbrug, de Verbrande brug and de brug Humbeek-Sas were inspected. With the use of different types of drones, the most efficient method could be researched and deployed. Detailed inspection of the condition of concrete piers and girders while looking for cracks, exposed rebars, moisture spots and other defects being the final result.

Through the use of robotic inspection, inspection data is immediately visible by monitoring from a command vehicle, physical inspection at height is no longer necessary, and visualization of damage evolutions is made possible.

The client obtained an overview of the captured data that ensured the integrity of the bridge.

*At the request of the maintenance contractor of De Vlaamse Waterweg NV to provide support for the patrimony inspectors to inspect three bridges, SkyeBase was appointed as a subcontractor by the main contractor for this project.

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