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Who is SkyeBase

SkyeBase wants to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable industry. We do this by revolutionizing how drones and sensors are used for industrial inspections and by delivering the right insights to our customers. Our goal is to create a more sustainable future where industrial installations are more in uptime, safer, more efficient, and reliable. We use the latest underwater and above water drone and sensor technologies to capture the highest quality of inspection images and develop smart (AI driven) software solutions to deliver the right maintenance insights to our international end customers in the Industry, Energy and infrastructure markets.

How you will make an impact

As a senior full stack developer, you will be crucial in the development and the shaping of the asset inspection platform (I-Spect) from SkyeBase.You will collaborate closely with the CIO and the development team to brainstorm, design and make decisions about feature priority, back-end strategies, Dev-ops implementation and the overall product roadmap. On a daily basis you collaborate in cross-functional teams consisting of data engineers, ML engineers, UI/UX experts, drone pilots, universities and end customers. 

As SkyeBase grows, we expect you to grow together with us! We envision your path may grow towards Lead full stack developer, architect, Product Manager or other equivalent roles. You will have the opportunity to be meaningfully involved in the areas of product, engineering, hiring and people management among others.

Your responsibilities

§  Design and develop the SkyeBase Asset Inspection Platform (Front-End, Back-End, architecture)

§  Architect and manage the infrastructure on which the platform runs

§  Integrate the AI pipelines for defect detections

§  Integrate the 3D models (digital twins) in the Asset Inspection Platform

§  Define and implement the product development roadmap and long term data strategy together with the CIO and the development team

§  Setting up relevant engineering processes for ensuring maximum quality, stability and efficiency. (CI/CD pipelines, version control, testing, …)

§  Collaborate with the CIO and cross-functional teams (e.g.: end customers, drone pilots, AI engineers, Universities,…)

Required competences

§  Mindset: “lead by example”, entrepreneurial start-up mentality

§  Being eager to get the best out of yourself and your team (i.e.: quality, professionalism)

§ Very proactive and assertive! Knowing how to explain your ideas and convince relevant stakeholders.

§  +5 years experience as a professional full stack developer

§  Experience in building early stage SaaS products

§  Bachelor / Master in computer science

§  Perfect communication skills in English (oral and written)

§  An agile mindset (scrum/kanban) and a strong problem solving attitude

§  Good organizational skills and clean code principles

§  The ability to learn new technologies in a short amount of time

§  Knowledge of

o Vue 3 / Nuxt 3

o Node.js / Typescript

o Fastify / Rest API / tRPC

o SQL (PostGreSQL) / Prisma

o AWS (S3, EC2, Cloudfront, Apprunner, R53, …)

o Terraform


§  Interest in drone, sensor and data technology

§  Fluent in Dutch

§  Knowledge or Machine Learning techniques

§  Experience in 3D modelling (Unity)

§  Experience in building 3D models from drone images / point clouds (Pix4D, RecapPro)

Why do you want to work with us?

§  Be a part of a very fast-growing start-up in a super exciting and growing market (Drones & AI)

§  Be a part of a passionate, dynamic, no-nonsense company culture and straight-line way of working (Work hard <> Play Hard)

§  Be together with us and our international partners a frontrunner in the development and deployment of new technologies in sectors of Drone Technology, Data Technology and Digital Transformation. (DT³)

§  The opportunity to work from home and/or work in our modern offices

§  A competitive salary & benefits in line with the job requirements

§  The opportunity to work on innovative technologies in the drone and AI scene with international players.

§  The opportunity to grow together with SkyeBase as we expand our team in Belgium and take our first steps towards international growth.

If you are looking to be a part of our story, if you are up for a challenge, if you want to have a meaningful impact as an intrapreneur and if you want to help us build the future of how drones are being used for a more sustainable industry ……  Get in touch with us!

Contact details


Tom Daniëls

The Beacon, Sint Pietersvliet 7, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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