Drone Inspection & mappings

Drones help collect inspection data in hard-to-reach, difficult and unsafe places, ensuring consistent inspection. High technology cameras can map patterns, specific colors, hairline cracks and thermal images. To generate more accurate analyses, 3D visualization technology (digital twin) is used for digitalized applications.

Types of inspection

  • Visual (coating, corrosion, damage, …)
  • Heat (leak detection, …)
  • Ultrasonic (wall thickness, …)
  • Multi spectral (welding, hairline cracks, …)
types of inspection


  • Volume & height measurements
  • Digital twins: virtual replicas of physical devices that can be used to train co-workers in a safe environment.
  • Lidar measurements

Data Analyzes / reporting

Our data specialists analyse your data by using Artificial Intelligence. The report is efficiently visualized via our own data platform. SkyeBase develops tailor-made reporting tools or can implement your specific data into your existing reporting tools. Feel free to reach out for further information about the numerous possibilities!

Data analyzes and reporting

how we work


  • Kick-off meeting let’s agree on delivery times and project planning
  • Work preparation/ flight preparation / risk analysis
  • Check certifications for job : VCA, ISO 9001, Lloyd’s Register Drone Certificate

Data capture

  • We perform a flight with a specialized pilot, drone and camera (3D, RGB, thermal, visual, multispectral,…)

Data processing and interpretation

  • Geo tagging
  • 2D-3D simulations
  • AI processing
  • Perform calculations

Proposal for maintenance & planning

  • Project finalisation
  • Reporting collected information and feedback
  • Suggestion follow-up actions
  • Maintenance of equipment


SkyeBase will always secure the ‘safety first’ principle. Any potentially unsafe situation is shut down and resolved to prevent accidents. We only operate with certified, insured drone operators.

Improve profitability

Minimize manual inspections to reduce costs and increase your site’s safety by using data analysis, automation and Artificial intelligence. Know where to fix anomalies and increase your profitability.


Spend your precious time doing what you like. Outsource your case to SkyeBase. We ensure you an efficient approach that will save you time – without compromising on quality.


SkyeBase guaranties you an excellent service. We provide complete reporting, including high-resolution images and fully formatted files. From these data you can get to work and make the right decisions.