St. Charles Borromeo Church

Renotec - Orthophotos of stained glass windows St. Charles Borromeo Church

Our realization:

As part of the material technical survey of the stained glass, Renotec needed clear photos of all the windows of a church. And not just any church, but the famous Saint Charles Borromeo Church in Antwerp.

Given the difficult accessibility of these high windows, a drone inspection offered a fast and safe solution to capture them on film. Remarkably, the church could remain open to visitors during these drone flights.

Both the inside and outside of the windows were captured up close. Through photogrammetry, a high-quality orthophoto was created. This way, the customer has an image for each window, allowing fine details to be examined.

In a subsequent phase, these photos will be used for making notes during a detailed inspection. The goal is to obtain thorough documentation of the stained glass windows for future conservation and restoration work on the church.

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