Visual and Thermal inspection of coldboxes

Nippon Gases
Visual and Thermal inspection of coldboxes

Our realization:

For Nippon Gases Antwerp, we performed a visual and thermal inspection of two coldboxes with a height of 65 meters. 

Visualizing thermal leaks at height with conventional techniques is very expensive, unsafe and complex.

Using a drone, subsidence of insulation material and cold spots are identified at height. This is done through thermal and visual images. The overall condition of the coldbox was mapped with a visual camera.

Afterwards, the thermal images were assessed by our in-house Level 1 thermographers.

As an end product, the customer received a clear report containing the detected defects. By obtaining three types of images (zoom, high resolution and thermal) the asset manager is able to perform targeted maintenance.

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Keywords: drone inspection, coldbox-inspection, coldspots , thermal-inspection, visual inspection overall condition