Heat network inspection in the Antwerp region

Heat network inspection
in the Antwerp region

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Leaks in District Heating Networks (DHNs) can be very hard to locate. By comparing the hot water flow out into the network with the return flow the losses can be estimated. Costs of leakage can be increase toward enormous amounts without having a periodic inspection program. Pinpointing the precise location of faults is complicated, especially for small leaks.  Network pipe routes often run beneath inaccessible or private land. Drones are able to capture high resolution thermal data over large areas without the challenges of physical access on the ground. The primary objective is to provide meaningful results that would enable to direct fact-based repair and maintenance operations. Therefore processing, interpreting and presenting this data in a digestible format is crucial to the project delivery.

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Keywords: heat network inspection, heat network assessment, leaks, drones, google maps, digital platform