vent rack

Gas terminal (Vysus/Lloyd’s Register)
- visual inspection vent stack

what did we do:

For Vysus a visual inspection on a vent stack was carried out at a gas terminal. The vent stack has a height of 54 meters and a diameter of 2.000 mm. During this inspection, in cooperation with Vysus and Lloyd’s Register, an inspection was carried out to verify the condition of the structure such as; welding’s, coating, local corrosion and bolt connections. Findings were reported according to a predetermined specification checklist with classification requirements and an action plan. For this inspection, work was carried out according to the highest safety conditions (VCA Petrochemicals, LMRA, TRA, work permits, fire permits, PPE, …. ).

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Keywords: visual inspection, drone inspection, cracks, weldings, corrosion, connections, overall condition, vent stack, asset health