Industrial inspections with drones

In rapidly evolving industries, the use of drones has had a revolutionary impact on inspection processes. These unmanned aerial vehicles not only offer cost-effective solutions but also enhanced safety and accuracy. Let’s explore together how drones are elevating industrial inspections to new heights.

Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Traditional industrial inspections can be time-consuming and costly. Drones significantly improve efficiency by swiftly and thoroughly scanning large installations. This not only translates to time savings but also significant cost reductions for companies.


Safety Above All in the industrial inspections

One of the most notable advantages of drones in industrial inspections is enhanced safety. In sectors such as oil and gas extraction, tank terminals, chemical plants, food industry, steel industry, nuclear power plants, and other energy plants, some areas may be inaccessible or dangerous for human inspectors. Drones can explore these areas without risks, ensuring the safety of workers.

Advanced Technologies Onboard:

Drones for industrial inspections are equipped with advanced technologies, including high-quality visual cameras, thermal sensors, UT sensors, emission measurement sensors, and lidar. These instruments provide detailed information about the condition of installations, pipelines, and structures. Thermal sensors aid in detecting defects, while lidar can generate an accurate 3D map of the environment.

Applications in Various Industries:

From inspecting high-voltage pipelines to offshore wind turbines and industrial complexes, drones find applications in various sectors. They identify defects, corrosion, leaks, wall thicknesses, cracks, and other issues quickly and effectively, enabling companies to take preventive measures before serious damage occurs.

Regulatory Compliance:

When conducting industrial inspections with drones, it is crucial to comply with applicable regulations. Our company takes this responsibility seriously and is ISO9001:2015 certified, which not only attests to our commitment to quality but also to strict compliance with international standards. This ensures not only safety but also legal compliance of inspection flights.



To meet stringent safety requirements, it is industry standard to be VCA Petro and ISO 9001:2015 certified.