crowd loan for international expansion
asset inspection platforms

SkyeBase combines drones and artificial intelligence for the inspection of industrial assets, with the aim of increasing safety and efficiency.

The focus is on ship-to-shore container cranes, bridges and industrial infrastructure. Through a wide range of drones (on land, in the air, under water) and cameras, SkyeBase collects data that – through artificial intelligence – analyzes into actionable insights and reports for preventive maintenance.

With this approach, our complementary and experienced team offers a total solution in the field of the inspection of industrial assets. In addition, together with our research partners, we focus on the development of platforms for smart asset inspections. With its innovative method, SkyeBase provides a unique market position.

To strengthen this position (inter)nationally, SkyeBase is looking for financing.

You can invest in the SkyeBase crowd loan campaign on the WinWinner platform via the following link win-winner-campaign