Freelance UAS Pilot (BE & NL)

Who is SkyeBase?

SkyeBase aims to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable industry. We combine drones, robots, and artificial intelligence for industrial and infrastructure inspections to provide our clients with the right maintenance insights. Our goal is to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, where industrial and infrastructure installations are safer, cleaner, more efficient, and reliable. We use the latest aerial, underwater, ground-based drones, and handheld measurement technologies to capture high-quality inspection images and develop smart (AI-driven) software solutions to deliver the right maintenance insights to our international end clients in the industry, container, and infrastructure markets.

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What profile are we looking for?

Currently, we have a pool of approximately 10 freelance pilots. We are looking for additional individuals to scale up this pool. You are a dynamic person with the right skills to strengthen our team, working as a freelancer on a project basis.

Your responsibilities:

  • Piloting a drone in accordance with our Flight Operations Manual, operating permits, the emergency response plan (ERP), and other procedures related to the safe and efficient execution of flights.
  • Performing operational flights for various clients in an industrial, technical, and high-risk context (both in Belgium and internationally).
  • Performing the Payload operator and observer role during assignments.
  • Providing feedback from assignments to data-analysts and project-coordinators.
  • Optional:
    • Generating reports in our inspection software I-Spect.
    • Preparing and applying for drone operations in accordance with legal procedures.

What profile are we looking for?

  • UAS Remote Pilot (OPEN A2 / SPECIFIC) qualified up to 25Kg MTOM.
  • VCA-VOL.
  • Driver’s license (B).
  • Demonstrable technical background.
  • Preferably living in one of the following regions:
    • Antwerp, West Flanders, East Flanders.
    • (South) Netherlands.
  • Proficiency in Dutch (spoken and written), English (spoken and written), knowledge of French is an advantage.
  • Significant and demonstrable flying experience in commercial UAS roles on multicopters (minimum 60 logged hours with both manual and automated flying).
  • Thorough knowledge of European legislation for UAS.
  • Experience in planning and executing UAS operations in diverse environments under challenging conditions.
  • Motivated-, problemsolver with good communication skills and a proactive approach.
  • Good analytical and creative thinking.
  • Organized and structured.
  • Stress-resistant, conscientious, and respectful of equipment.
  • Proficient with Office.
  • Able to work both independently and in a group.
  • Enjoys working in a rapidly growing company and has no “9 to 5” mentality.


  • Experience with NDT-inspections.
  • Knowledge of the industry and/or industrial environments.
  • Familiarity with the Flyability Elios 3.
  • Experience in data processing packages for orthomosaic photos, 3D models (Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape, etc.).
  • Knowledge of generating missions in suitable software (Ardupilot Mission Planner, Pix4D Capture, UgCS, Drone Deploy, etc.).

Why would you want to work for us?

SkyeBase is located in the Beacon, an innovation community in the city of Antwerp, near the port of Antwerp, bringing together technology companies, research, skills, innovation actors, and citizens to collaborate on smart solutions to keep this world livable and sustainable.

We offer:

  • A freelance-contract with predefined conditions for the entire freelance group.
  • Assignments that you can apply for on a project basis depending on your experience.
  • Being part of a rapidly growing startup in a super innovative and growing market (Drones & AI).
  • Working in a fun and dynamic group of colleagues with entrepreneurial spirit and a healthy dose of humor. 😊 You become part of our operations family. We regularly meet to share knowledge and experience.
  • Working with the latest hardware and software technologies.
  • Additional training to work according to our procedures and gain knowledge about new technologies.
  • Being part of a passionate, dynamic, no-nonsense company culture and a straightforward way of working.
  • Assignments departing from our autonomous drone-hub in North Antwerp.
  • The opportunity to grow with SkyeBase as we expand our team in Belgium and take steps towards international growth.

Selection process:

  1. Interview 1: General introduction.
  2. Interview 2: Technical theoretical evaluation.
  3. Practical evaluation: Practical assessment.
  4. Interview 3: General conversation with the management team.
  5. Signing of the freelance contract.

After each round, communication will be honest and open. It will be discussed after each phase whether the next step can be taken. If you look forward to being part of our story, are ready for a challenge, want to have a meaningful impact as an intrapreneur, and want to help us build the future of how drones are used for a more sustainable industry…

Contact us! We would appreciate receiving your CV and cover letter.

Contact details:

Bart Daniëls

COO | Co-Founder

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